Vistascan Perio เครื่องล้างฟิล์มเอกซเรย์
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VistaScan Perio Plus

The VistaScan Perio Plus is a multi-slot scanner with an input/ output buffer that handles up to 8 images, erases them and makes the plates available again in one single step thanks to its cassette transport system, so that a half status appears on the screen in around 30 seconds. The 4 cassettes with two plates each are loaded and processed one after the other in one transaction. The advantage is that the waiting times are shorter for the health care professional and the assistant, thus freeing up time for the patients. The reusable VistaScan image plates can be viewed in just seconds. The result is top quality images. Never has time been more right to switch from film to plate.

  • All intraoral image plates
  • Excellent image quality
  • Up to 8 images can be seen in one go,then automatically erased ready for the next session
  • Flexible position, takes up very little room
  • Easy to use
  • PC connection via USB or network
  • Technical DataVistaScan Perio Plus
    Display Yes
    Plate size 0 to 4
    Effective resolution 22 lp/mm (1100 dpi)
    Theoretical resolution depending on the image plate max: 40 lp/mm
    Weight (kg) 13.8
    Measurements (H x W x D mm) 523 x 310 x 293
    Standby function Yes
    Interfaces USB / network